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Finnfjord and Finnfjord International

Finnfjord is headquartered close to Finnsnes city, in Northern Norway.

Finnfjord International is the Commercial office for FeSi and Microsilica, located in Madrid.
We also supply other raw materials to steel mills and ferrous foundries such as bulk alloys, noble alloys, Mn metal, inoculants, nodulizers and black products.


Phone: +47 778 70 500

Finnfjord International

Sales office
Brynjulv Gjerde | +34 659 67 85 58 |
Yolanda Cecilia | +34 696 49 02 70 |
Simon Fletcher | +352 621 19 66 59 |


Ferroveien 1, 9308 Finnsnes, Norway



Finnfjord International
Finnfjord International, S.L. Calle López de Hoyos 327, 1-2 28043 Madrid, Spain


Innovation and Production
A modern knowledge-based company that focuses
on research and development.
Technology and Competence
One of the world’s leading manufacturers of ferrosilicon (FeSi)
with a history back to 1960.
Environment and Value Generation
We develop processes that meet increasingly
stringent environmental and product requirements in the global market.
Finnfjord has developed a unique technology using algae to
reduce CO2-emissions

Finnfjord is one of world’s most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly producer of ferrosilicon. We work hard to become the first ferrosilicon producer in the world without any CO2-emissions!

Finnfjord has 3 furnaces - with a total production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of ferrosilicon.

In addition, Finnfjord has an energy recovery system with a capacity to generate around 340 GWh of electric power. This makes us one of the worlds most energy-efficient producer of ferrosilicon.

Finnfjord has 150 employees and total sales of 2,0 billion NOK.

Finnfjord International is our sales organisation, which is located in Madrid. We supply raw materials to steel mills and ferrous foundries such as bulk alloys, noble alloys, Mn metal, inoculants, nodulizers and black products.



KS/AS Fesil Nord is founded 1 March. The foundation of the ferrosilicon production is the building of the Innset power plant at Altevann in Bardu.
The production starts up 15 March. At this point the plant consists of two furnaces.



The third furnace is completed.
KS/AS Fesil Nord goes bankrupt 12 July.



Finnfjord Smelteverk AS reopens the production units.
Completion of the energy recovery facility, which produces up to 340 GWh a year.



UiT enters a partnership with Finnfjord AS for the use of algae to reduce the CO2-footprint from the company. This deal becomes an important step towards Finnfjord’s vision of becoming the world’s first CO2-free production plant.
Finnfjord AS is one of the world's most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient ferrosilicon plants.




 – Finnfjord opens a sales office in Madrid, and start marketing and distributing its ferrosilicon products through its subsidiary – Finnfjord International


The core product of Finnfjord is ferrosilicon, a high quality product used as an important raw material in the steel industry. The purity may be specified according to the customer's demand.
Silica was originally considered a pollution issue. However, with today's cleaning technology, it has become a resource and an important product for Finnfjord.
Finnfjord has produced electric power using a steam turbine since 2012. The steam is generated by extracting thermal energy from the off-gases of the metal production.


This places us in top 4% of our peers on sustainability rating. Finnfjord has a track record of investing heavily in projects that improves our carbon footprint. We are one of the worlds most energy efficient ferrosilicon producers, and have...


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